Discover Your Trading Strength

Discover Your Trading Strength

Our Trading Academy has been built to nurture the next generation of trading legends. Whether you’re just starting out or already a seasoned trader, we want you to uncover your trading strengths and tackle the markets with confidence.


Crypto markets are fun but unforgiving. Educate yourself on the dangers of crypto trading and face the markets with courage and confidence.
Step into an exciting new realm of trading: from blockchain basics to the perks of trading crypto, discover how to boost your trading with digital assets.
When it comes to trading crypto, you are spoilt for choice! Learn more about the difference between Bitcoin, Altcoins, and tokens.
Learn more about the language of digital assets, blockchain, and cryptocurrency - your DeFi enlightenment starts here!


Welcome to the realm of the Loonie, the Greenback, and the Ninja! Find your forex footing by checking out our glossary of common FX trading terms.
Ready to dive into currency trading? This article is designed to help you understand forex basics and give you the power to make your first trade.
Step into the largest, most liquid financial market and discover how traders like you boost their fortunes with forex.
Why do currency values change? Take a look at the powers at work on the forex market so you can wield them to your advantage.

3.Technical & Fundamental Analysis

You’re ready to trade, but you need a plan. Check out our selection of popular beginner trading strategies and plan your path to success.
Master the arts of chart reading and technical indicators to improve your market predications and give your strategy the winning edge!
Harness the power of macroeconomic signals, economic indicators, and fundamental analysis to start trading the news like a pro.
Why do currency values change? Take a look at the powers at work on the forex market so you can wield them to your advantage.

4.Lessons from The Greats

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we highlight five truly inspirational trading heroines who are shining lights in the industry.
"Being wrong - not taking the loss - that is what does damage to the pocketbook and to the soul” - Explore the story of Jesse Livermore,.
“I assume that markets are always wrong” - Learn more about investing legend George Soros, the “man who broke the bank of England.”
The man who believed "natural law was the basis of market movements” - Read more about the market genius and trading philosopher, WD Gann.

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