Covid-19 Cases Rise, Threatening the Global Economic Recovery

20 Apr 2021 · 3rd Party Analysis

Covid-19 Cases Rise, Threatening the Global Economic Recovery


Covid-19 Cases Rise, Threatening the Global Economic Recovery

In Summary

  • US coronavirus cases rise despite strong vaccine roll-out
  • Global economic recovery at risk over a large gap in vaccinations

Covid-19 Rises Again

Coronavirus cases in the US have been rising recently with over 70,000 new cases reported in the US on Apr 19. Over the past week, the daily average has increased by 4% and now hovers at 67,175 new cases per day. As of yesterday evening, nearly 32 million people in the US have been diagnosed with coronavirus. Even though the latest rise in cases is far from the January peak of 250,000 per day, the statistics are alarming given that the vaccination campaign is running full steam among the US population.

As per data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the vaccine has been administered to 132 million people or half of all adult Americans. 84 million people have been fully vaccinated. President Biden has taken the vaccination campaign to the highest level on his agenda. In a Twitter video posted yesterday, Joe Biden said that as of Monday, “every American is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine”. “For yourself, your neighbors, and your family — please, get your vaccine,” he added.

Joe Biden Champions The Vaccine roll-Out

Joe Biden has championed the vaccine roll-out as the best possible way to curb the spread of the virus as the economy is gradually reopening. April 19 was set as a deadline by the President for all US states to allow vaccine access to all adults.

“For months I’ve been telling Americans to get vaccinated when it’s your turn. Well, it’s your turn, now,” President Biden said in an interview on Sunday. “It’s free. It’s convenient and it’s the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from Covid-19.”

Vaccination Efforts Around the World

The US is increasing its daily vaccination pace after a relatively slow start. Across the states, health authorities are administering an average of 3.2 million doses per day, up from around 2.5 million per day for March.

The uneven distribution of the vaccine and the coronavirus spikes in many places around the world threaten to derail the global economic recovery. Efforts to vaccinate the poorest countries have slowed, leaving many developing countries at higher risk.

The WHO Initiative

A recent initiative backed by the World Health Organization and developed countries offers to supply free vaccines to almost 100 countries with weak economies and in great need of the vaccine. The initiative, called Covax, was reduced from 240 million doses to 145 million doses because India, as the main supplier, is fighting the virus at home.

France’s Travelling Measures

In Europe, France announced it will require travelers from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and South Africa to quarantine for 10 days. The restrictions aim to deal with the “uncontrolled spread of the virus in certain countries, and in particular of several variants,” the statement mentions. France’s new daily cases have been dropping this week as well as the number of hospitalized patients.

In Asia, Japan is considering a state of emergency for the third time in Tokyo and Osaka. Following a surge in coronavirus cases, the host nation of the Summer Olympics said Monday the virus has been putting a strain on the healthcare system, threatening to overwhelm hospitals.

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