By becoming a ThorFX Affiliate, you are joining a program that’s designed to motivate and help you to expand your network and earning potential with commission rates fit for a God! With exclusive access to marketing assets and a dedicated Affiliates Team, your success with ThorFX can be assured.

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Glory Awaits Those who
are Worthy

ThorFX gives you the power to increase your income by simply referring your network and friends. The more they trade, the more you earn with a venture through the realms until you become an Affiliate of Asgard – with a seat next to the Gods!

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Journey Through 3 Different Realms

Start as an Affiliate in the Human Realm

Every journey to glory starts somewhere. As an Affiliate of ‘Midgard’, you will receive a commission of $2.25 per standard lot and a written introduction to ThorFX which you may share with your network and friends. Our Affiliates Team will assist you with the set-up of your Affiliate Account and you will be provided access to invaluable marketing materials to see you forth on your exciting journey.

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Step Into the Realm of the Wise Elves

As you reach Alfheim, you are rewarded by the wise Elves with a commission of $2.50 per standard traded lot. Affiliates of ‘Alfheim’ are additionally rewarded with the assistance of exclusive content by their dedicated Affiliate Team to help them reactivate past referrals. As the gift that keeps on giving, the mighty ThorFX graciously unlocks further access to marketing assets that represent your new status.

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Join the Aesir as an
Affiliate God

The great Aesir summon you to accept the highest level of Affiliation the mighty ThorFX can offer. As an Affiliate of ‘Asgard’, the humans and the elves bow down in admiration of the $2.75 commission you will now receive per standard trading lot. As an Affiliate God, you may request the assistance of your dedicated Affiliates Team to provide you with a Performance Template to help identify your top-performing referralsUnder the influence of Asgard, you can continue to prosper with all realms at your feet. 

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Journey Through the
Affiliate Realms

As commissions increase during your venture through the realms, so too does your access to the suite of marketing materials offered by ThorFX. Improve your Affiliate marketing efforts and success with stunning visuals and marketing assistance to help you on the next leg of your journey – to become an Affiliate of Asgard and sit next to the Aesir as the Affiliate God you were meant to be.


Your Affiliate Portal

We offer full transparency and Affiliate management through our Affiliate Portal. Customizable reporting enables the tracking of commissions and the trading activity of their IB’s to maintain a successful commission-based referral business.

Venture Through the Realms
With ThorFX

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